Brand story

The birth of Regulus Meteorite Jewelry brand is attributed to our looking up at the starry sky when we were children, meteors passing through the silent night sky, that kind of wonderful experience made me feel the magic and greatness of nature. Legend has it that a wish is made to the place where the meteor has passed, and the wish will be fulfilled. Most of the meteors have been burnt out in the sky, and the only meteorites preserved are meteorites. It is not complicated to explain this phenomenon through modern science. As a very unique existence, meteorites have wonderful and fantastic legends and records in human civilization.The meteorites in legends and myths since ancient times will inevitably coexist with miracles. Its significance to mankind has long surpassed the scope of time and space, becoming the link between the world and the gods, and the imprint left by the gods on the world. Meteorites symbolize authority, prophecy, worship, energy, purification, love, spirit, healing, blessings, all of these goodness are the gifts that the mysterious powers contained in meteorites bring to mankind, creating a wonderful spirit between mortals and gods Communication establishes a strong connection between the mind and nature, and the worship of meteorites by humans has long been turned into sections of wonderful legends that will circulate in the world forever. These stories and legends about meteorites are the most wonderful part of it, and I am obsessed with it and cannot help myself. With the love for the stars, we finally turned our dream of establishing Regulus Meteorite Jewelry into reality. As of today, we have more than 5 countries and a professional team of 30 people has worked hard for this. We have experienced rapid growth in the past year and it is still continuing. As a fashion-oriented brand, we focus on using real stars to create perfect jewelry and gifts for you. We not only need to meet your needs for wearing and collection, but also create our products to suit your personal needs. A unique expression of style. At the design level, the strong historical and cultural elements are accompanied by the design language that highlights the nobility and beauty of women, using stars to connect the best love and blessings in human civilization, and let the energy from the universe accompany your happiness , Health and success.
Since ancient times, humans have been fascinated by meteors. The Egyptians believe that these objects that fall from the sky are God's message. The blade of the king of Tutankhamun is made of meteorites, and the meteorite is the truly extraordinary royal treasure. Meteorites are so rare that their value far exceeds gold. In the Bible, they lead people to change people's destiny. Today's scientific research believes that meteorites and comets bring water and life to the earth.The symbolism of the meteorite helps to expand our own initiative and creativity. Meteorite symbolizes authority, prophecy, worship, energy, purification, love, spirit, healing, blessing, all the beauty is the gift of mysterious power in the rock to humanity, so that the mortal spirit and the god create a wonderful spirit Communication, a strong sense between the soul and the nature, and the human worship of the meteorite has long been turned into a period of wonderful legends in the world forever. In Regulus Meteorite Jewelry products you will find the story between human civilization and the stars. Meteorite These extraordinary treasures are traces of fragments called Muonionalusta meteorites, which are characterized by intricate stripe patterns visible to the naked eye. This pattern is called the Widmanstatten pattern. And this mysterious line does not exist not anywhere in the surface of the earth. Moreover, the formation of this geometric stripe pattern requires a time frequency of one degree of cooling per million years to achieve the results you can see today. Muonionalusta fell to the Arctic Circle about 1 million years ago and is rare. The number of Muonionalusta meteorites is only 0.97% of the global meteorite fall, and scientists have shown that Muonionalusta meteorites are part of the unknown planetary core of the universe.