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Meteorite Specimen crystal ball and Astronaut Model,Desktop Decoration,Natural Meteorite Gift

Regulus Meteorite Jewelry

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Look up at the starry sky and watch the shooting stars pass by. A gift from space for a permanent collection.

Choose to use high-transparency resin gel to make the sphere that wraps the meteorite. The whole process is made at low temperature, which can have a good magnification and visual perspective effect. The sphere is clean and transparent.

CNC one-piece cut acrylic base, each surface is as smooth as a mirror and flawless. Text introduction printing is durable and colorfast.

We designed an astronaut figurine for the meteorite specimen crystal ball ornament, and the gesture of victory represents the success of the space scientific research project.

Our meteorite is Campo Del Cielo, Each meteorite is unique and random selection the shape will vary.Campo Del Cielo is iron meteorites which contain mineral combinations that are not common on Earth, which constitutes an ideal collection item selection.