" One Star One Wish "

The birth of Regulus Meteorite Jewelry brand is attributed to our looking up at the starry sky when we were children, meteors passing through the silent night sky, that kind of wonderful experience made me feel the magic and greatness of nature. Legend has it that a wish is made to the place where the meteor has passed, and the wish will be fulfilled.


    We use stars to make many unique gifts to make every memorable day more impressive. These gifts are not only exquisite and beautiful, but also evoke people's infinite imagination of the starry sky.

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    Regulus is proud of its meteorite jewelry series, which gives meteorites the soul of modern jewelry, allowing jewelry to perfectly integrate with the stars.

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    Slices of different types of meteorites are extremely beautiful and precious. We preserve them for collection and research by people who love meteorites around the world.


    Beautiful gemstones are mysterious and have healing powers. Regulus offers a wide variety of fashionable bracelets for people to choose from.


    Regulus has a team of designers who, in addition to meteorite jewelry, also designs a variety of in-house jewelry styles for your daily wear and as gifts.


    We have now launched a meteorite jewelry customization service, which can customize the text, patterns, and even photos you want to write on the designated meteorite jewelry styles.


The original intention of the design of this series is to help people express their personality and express their blessings and hearts through the amulet symbols created by human beings with good blessing energy. Collection staples - necklaces, pendants, earrings, rings. Aesthetic Philosophy - The graceful and rounded collection features the Tree of Life, Chakra Power, Amulets.

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The original intention of the design of this series is to stimulate our creativity and bring infinite and mysterious primitive energy to life through the beautiful imagination of the unity of man and nature created by human perception and reverie of the universe. Collection staples - necklaces, pendants, earrings, rings. Aesthetic Concept - Line and structure are the original intention of the design of this series, exploring the existence of logic in chaos, turning all complexity into simplicity and order.

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Exploring the past, in the eyes of designers, Rome is the source of inspiration for eternal beauty, and with meteorites, it symbolizes the eternal beauty of this goddess. The wonderful golden beads are the most primitive looking up to the universe. Their regular arrangement interprets the purest beauty in the simplest way. Every Marie wearing it is awakened by its own original beauty. Collection staples - necklaces, pendants, earrings, rings. Aesthetic Concept - Gold beads and regular arrangement, with gemstone embellishment, interpret the ancient beauty closest to Atlantis style.

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The creation of the brand stems from the designer's childhood looking up to the starry sky. This series is full of childlike interest and imagination. From simplicity to complexity, just like you and me growing up, the goals in our hearts are also from simple and vague to complex and concrete. We will all grow, but I hope we can always be innocent and not lose our illusions. Collection staples - necklaces, pendants, earrings, rings, brooches. Aesthetic Concept - "Sparkle" We hope to remember our childhood inspiration and today's sparkle through more gems set in meteorite jewelry, innocent symbols represent romance, and stars are used to prove that dreams will always shine in our hearts.

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