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Dig Kit,Children's Toys,Holiday Gifts,Real Meteorite Specimens Including Tektite, Stone Meteorites,Iron Meteorites,STEM Toys

Regulus Meteorite Jewelry

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【Discover Meteorite-Space Exploration Series Digging Set】is to simulate the process of discovering real gifts from outer space from the earth, and let children start to try to collect real meteorites! The exciting meteorite mining kit developed by Regulus is the perfect cosmic science education product, loved by boys, girls, teachers and parents.

We recommend that parents and children start the game together! This process is not only the best time for parent-child entertainment, but parents can tell their children all kinds of knowledge about meteors, meteorites and the universe during the game. Children will like the thrill of digging and discovering, and they will be fascinated by Explore their glass meteorites, stone meteorites, iron meteorites, and eventually they will really get specimen-grade meteorites as rewards, worth collecting for life! During this parent-child time, our products not only inspire children to learn about science and space, but also plant a seed for the future in their minds. In the future, when he looks up at the sky and the earth, he will definitely recall the good times when he held the stars together with you as a child, and set sail!

Hands-on digging: Eyes will glow as you watch your kids dig up real meteorites from outer space! Kids love this hands-on earth science activity.

Theoretical basis: Begin to understand the universe, the Milky Way, stars, meteors, meteorites.

Good for Schools: Best independent hands-on projects for school science courses.

Families-friendly: A full-color adventure guide written by teachers, scientists (included) will take you and your child on an educational and interactive journey into space

Suitable for collection: Different from all kinds of simulation toys, we will bring real stars to your children, and gradually let children have the awareness of collection.

QUALITY GUARANTEE: Regulus Merteorite Jewelry offers the best universe related educational toys for kids and we offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

【Meteorite Discovery-Space Exploration Series Excavation Set】The exquisite package includes:

Natural meteorites: stony meteorites - glass meteorites - iron meteorites

1. 1 crater mining game platform

2. Ensure that the game contains at least 2 natural meteorites

3. 3 mining game tools

4. 1 pair of protective glasses

5. 1 absorbent sponge

6. Meteorite Collection Display Stand

7. 1 meteorite guide [can be used as a tablecloth]