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Meteorite Crystal Ball pendant,Campo Del Cielo iron meteorite Inside Crystal Ball,Outer Space Gift

Regulus Meteorite Jewelry

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Meteorite Crystal Ball Pendant,Campo Del Cielo iron meteorite Inside Crystal Ball,Outer Space Gift

ABOUT: Campo Del Cielo

Campo del Cielo is the name given to a family of meteorite fragments found in a 2 x 12 mi area (crater) in northern Argentina. The meteor was estimated to have impacted Earth around 4700-4200 years ago. The first recorded mention we have of this mineral dates back to 1576, when the governor of a northern Argentina province used the military to search for a large piece of metal. He was only aware of this material because of the knowledge from the aboroginal people of Argentina, who used this space rock for weapons and crafting material. They found what had assumed to be the natural metal and sent it back to mainland Europe for further analysis. There was very little recorded activity mentioning anything else about this meteorite until 1774. However, little did this governor know that he had actually found an 18 ton single piece of meteorite that was later referred to as Meson di Fierro (meaning the Table of Iron). This name was coined by Don Bartolomé Francisco de Maguna, who “rediscovered” this mineral in 1774.